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If you are searching for top-quality, nonsurgical aesthetic treatments that are personalized to meet your needs, Atomic Beauty can help! Our highly knowledgeable team is pleased to treat clients in and around Frisco, TX with a variety of unique aesthetic concerns and goals. Over the years, we have had the pleasure of receiving many reviews from those who have been satisfied with our professional care. We encourage you to browse over our expansive selection of testimonials to visualize the results you could accomplish by putting your trust in our hands.

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Reviews for Feminine Rejuvenation Services Near Frisco, TX

5.0 Review from A.K. Source: Google Jun 04 2024

"I come to atomic beauty to see the amazing mandee! I get microneedling done mostly. But my experience everytime is top tier. Mandee is always very friendly and upbeat and always has a smile on her face, but not only that. She is extremely knowledgeable and experienced when it comes to looking Ober your skin and your skins needs and coming up with a treatment plan for photo finish skin. I love that after a treatment with her I feel more confident and beautiful on my no makeup days. Also, the product line that atomic beauty carries for skincare is out of this world! ZO skin health has definitely changed my skincare routine and for the better. It is on the pricier side, but it is worth the investment. Also, if you are looking for a top tier sunscreen elta is amazing as well. I work outdoors mostly, so it's nice to have something I know is protecting my skin. Anyways, highly recommend atomic beauty for your self care needs and can't wait for my next microneedle and trying out the under eye prp 😍"

5.0 Review from S.B. Source: Google Nov 15 2021

"Very knowledgeable and caring staff. I've been once for PRP and I have 3 more sessions to go. RN is completing the procedure and she is skilled and thoughtful. Excited to see the final results."

5.0 Review from T. Source: RealSelf Jun 06 2021

"Dr. Nguyen made me feel comfortable from the start - Vaginal rejuvenation can be such an awkward thing to talk about, but Dr. Nguyen made me feel comfortable from the start. Her staff is friendly and helpful. She did an awesome job and I couldn’t be happier with my results! I would highly recommend Dr. Nguyen!"

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Mar 19 2021

"Great experience at Atomic Beauty. Went in for Ultra Femme 360. Superior results over ThermiVa, which I previously had."

5.0 Review from J.S. Source: Google Feb 15 2021

"Great experience at Atomic Beauty. Went in for Ultra Femme 360. Superior results over ThermiVa, which I previously had."

5.0 Review from S. Source: RealSelf Sep 24 2020

"Best Vagina Rejuvenation and Urinary Incontinence Surgeon - I had a great successful with urinary incontinence surgery and labiaplasty. Both surgeries were done by Dr. Aimee Nguyen on 8/17/2020. Having these procedures done is a huge relief and boosted my confident. Dr. Aimee Nguyen is a talented surgeon. I would recommend her if you are looking for a surgeon with theses procedures."

5.0 Review from A. Source: RealSelf Aug 17 2018

"I Couldn't Be Happier... - I recently had a vaginoplasty and a hysterectomy performed by Dr. Aimee Nguyen. The entire experience was very pleasant. I had seen other Dr.'s before Dr. Nguyen and my experiences before her were far from pleasant, they treated me like I 'had to be there, like I had no choice.' Everyone from the receptionists to all of the staff at Dallas Center for Vaginal Rejuvenation treat patients exceptionally well, the customer service was never short of amazing. Everything was explained in detail every step of the way and I was able to get every question answered in simple terms. The surgery went well, just as planned, and the results are much better from what I expected. The support I received the days after surgery was great as well, they answered every question and concern I had and ease the anxiety of the recovery. I am extremely happy that I found Dr. Nguyen, the surgery was a success and my sex life has improved as a result."

5.0 Review from C. Source: RealSelf Mar 06 2018

"22 Years Old with 2 Kids - I totally recommend the G-Shot for women who have problems during intercourse!! I absolutely love it!! Because honestly i didnt even know where my g-spot was at , and now i am more confident & satisfied with the results! & I’m happy to say I’m not shy anymore during sex!! 100% totally recommend it"

5.0 Review from G. Source: RealSelf Mar 05 2018

"42 Really Helps my Bladder - Love the procedure. Convenient and quick solution to bladder leakage, non-surgical vaginal tightening treatment for women who want to reclaim what childbirth or aging may have taken away. Dr. Nguyen is an amazing doctor. I'm so glad I chose her to consult/perform the procedure. She was extremely knowledgeable. It was extremely comfortable and she took the time to listen to my concerns. There was absolutely no pain during the procedure it felt like a hot massage. I lacked vaginal sensation due to which I could not achieve vaginal orgasms but after my first procedure I have a LOT more sensation and I am very pleased with my experience. If you're thinking about this procedure I would say go for it there is absolutely no pain"

5.0 Review from R. Source: RealSelf Nov 02 2017

"ThermiVa WOW! - I had a series of 3 ThermiVa sessions with Dr Nguyen because I was struggling with lubrication. I didn’t say anything to my husband, I wanted to see if he noticed a change. After the first treatment he said you feel tighter and asked how I did that "
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