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I Have Loose Hanging Chin Skin. Can KYBELLA® Still Work for Me?

Dr. Aimee Nguyen05/12/2023

Say goodbye to loose chin skin with KYBELLA—a revolutionary treatment for chin fat reduction that delivers noticeable results.


Can CoolSculpting® Help Trim Down Love Handles?

Dr. Aimee Nguyen04/20/2023

Not in love with your love handles? Consider nonsurgical CoolSculpting for a slimmer, trimmer new look.


What You Should Know About PRP for Hair Loss

Dr. Aimee Nguyen03/21/2023

Find answers to common questions about PRP hair rejuvenation therapy here.


Can I Get a HydraFacial® During Pregnancy?

Dr. Aimee Nguyen02/13/2023

Fine lines and discoloration can make your skin feel less than perfect. Learn about our advanced HydraFacial treatment designed for pregnant women.


How Can a PRP Feminine Rejuvenation Shot Help With Incontinence?

Dr. Aimee Nguyen01/20/2023

Platelet-rich plasma can reduce urinary incontinence and improve bladder control. Learn about PRP injections and how feminine rejuvenation works here.


Revive Sunken Cheeks with the Help of Dermal Fillers

Dr. Aimee Nguyen12/19/2022

If you suffer from sunken cheeks, fine lines, wrinkles, or sagging skin, dermal fillers may be an ideal treatment for your cosmetic goals.


Vanquish® Body Contouring Treatments Can Help You Reach Your Body Goals

Dr. Aimee Nguyen11/20/2022

Learn how noninvasive Vanquish body contouring can help remove unwanted fat to help you reach your goals.


How Can Facial Skin be Restored With Microneedling With PRP?

Dr. Aimee Nguyen10/22/2022

Skin rejuvenation treatments are a great way to reduce unwanted signs of aging. Learn about microneedling with PRP and how we restore your complexion.


Replenish Dry Facial Skin with HydraFacial® Treatment

Dr. Aimee Nguyen09/22/2022

Learn how a HydraFacial can effectively smooth away dry, flaky skin to create a smoother, softer complexion.


Boost Your Sexual Confidence With Laser Feminine Rejuvenation

Dr. Aimee Nguyen08/12/2022

Learn how laser feminine rejuvenation can improve sexual confidence by reducing vaginal dryness and laxity.


Improve Your Facial Harmony With Injectables

Dr. Aimee Nguyen07/24/2022

Create more attractive proportions and enhance the natural beauty of your features with cosmetic injectables.


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