Three Tips To Maintain Results After Nonsurgical Body Contouring Treatments

By: Dr. Aimee Nguyen


When you're aiming to refine your physique, nonsurgical body contouring treatments can be a remarkable game-changer. At Atomic Beauty in Frisco, TX, body contouring specialists Dr. Aimee Nguyen and Dr. Robert Najera utilize innovative, nonsurgical body contouring treatments to help their patients achieve their body goals. So, what is body contouring? This noninvasive approach uses technologies like advanced radiofrequency energy to sculpt your figure by reducing stubborn fat deposits. However, maintaining the results can be challenging. Here are three tips from our experts at Atomic Beauty to help preserve your new silhouette. 

1. Adopt a balanced diet 

Body sculpting can give your body a more toned appearance, but it doesn't replace the necessity for a healthy diet. Ensuring you consume a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains is crucial. Limiting the intake of processed foods and sugar helps avoid the accumulation of new fat cells in the body. 


2. Establish a regular exercise routine 

Exercise is another vital component in maintaining your body sculpting treatment results. Engage in regular physical activities that you enjoy. This could include anything from walking or cycling, to weightlifting, depending on your fitness level and preference. Regular exercise:  

  • Enhances metabolism, aiding in calorie and fat burning 
  • Boosts muscle tone, enhancing your body contouring results 
  • Increases energy levels, promoting overall well-being 
  • Helps manage stress, which can indirectly benefit in weight control 
  • Encourages better sleep patterns, essential for optimal physical health 
  • Improves cardiovascular health, supporting the body's fat processing capacity 


3. Embrace positive lifestyle changes 

Lifestyle habits significantly influence the longevity of your laser body contouring results. Limit alcohol consumption, which can lead to weight gain and water retention, interfering with your body contouring results. Additionally, ensure you get adequate sleep, as poor sleep can increase cravings for unhealthy food, leading to weight gain. 


Renew your body in Frisco, TX 

With these three tips, maintaining the results of your nonsurgical body contouring treatments becomes easier. At Atomic Beauty, our body contouring specialists, Dr. Aimee Nguyen and Dr. Robert Najera, are dedicated to helping you achieve and maintain your body goals. We provide top-notch body sculpting treatments and guide you throughout your post-treatment journey. To get started on your body transformation or learn more about body contouring and how it can benefit you, contact us at Atomic Beauty in Frisco, TX. Let your journey to a more sculpted you begin today with our body sculpting treatments. 

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